A lot of hotels, hostels and apartments are available in Łódź in different prices

You can use or Arbnb to choose the most suitable for you

Below you can find some propositions selected by us:

Hotel Polonia Palast **

Rather cheap hotel, with basic equipment, but localised also on Narutowicza Street (the venue is also on Narutowicza Street)

Hotel Savoy **

An interesting and economical proposition for those who like to stay near the famous Piotrkowska Street.

A lot of restaurants, pubs, bars etc are within your reach, while you are still close to the venue

Vienna House Andel’s Hotel****

Outstanding and beautiful place housed in a former weaving mill, located on the area of Manufactura, the biggest shopping and entertaining area in Łódź

Very well equipped, with a great restaurant and bars as well as the spa and swimming pool area

B&B Hotel Łódź Centrum**

A very nice place in moderate prices, but a bit farther from the venue

Youth Hostel Łódź

Very cheap, but clean and decent place. Close to Manufaktura Mall Center

If you need any help with accomodation, do not hesitate to contact us: