<font color="gold" size="-0.2">INVITES TO</font><br>Practical course <br> of canine manual therapy<br>and rehabilitation

Practical course
of canine manual therapy
and rehabilitation

lecturer: Sabine Hárrer

Take the next step in your canine rehabilitation specialist career!

Current course

RehabVet School of Canine Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation

invites you to

A Very Intense
Highly Practical
Hands-on Course
of Canine Manual Therapy
with Sabine Hárrer

  • Date of the event
    • 12-16.06.2019
  • Location
    • Poland, Łódź
  • Number of participants:
    • 16 (max)
  • Price:
    • an early bird payment up to 15th of April 2019 – 850 euro
    • till 15th of May 2019 – 985 euro
  • Special price for Polish participants:
    • an early bird payment up to 15th of April 2019 – 3000 PLN
    • till 15th of May 2019 – 4000 PLN

You are welcome to practice with your own dog, otherwise we will be working with training dogs

An Intense 5-Day Hands-On Course

with our certified canine rehabilitation and canine osteopathy specialist Sabine Hárrer, PT, MT (OMT), LDT, MTT, author of Manuelle Therapie beim Hund. Das Hárrer-Konzept and the owner of DogsPhysio clinic in Germany.  

Since 2006, Sabine has been teaching Canine Manual Therapy and Canine Neurodynamics throughout Europe and in the US. The edition in Poland is the only one in Europe designated for English speaking participants

We invite you to take the next step in your canine rehabilitation specialist career

This unique course give you the necessary practical tools to start manual therapy methods on your patients right after you return home. You do not need any additional equipment to start your practice

Canine anatomy knowledge is necessary to attend the course

You learn how to palpate anatomical structures in details, diagnose pathologic changes and treat them using specific osteopathic and manual therapy techniques

What  you will learn during the course

  • techniques and specific terms used in manual therapy (translation, gliding, traction, compression, joint play, capsular pattern)
  • anatomy and biomechanics of joints (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, carpal, tarsal and digits joints)
  • investigation and assessment of joint diseases
  • assessment and treatment of joints using manual therapy techniques (palpation, provocation, joint play)
  • assessment and treatment of surrounding soft tissue structures (longitudinal and transversal stretching, deep friction and massage in combination with rhythmical stretching)

But that is not all!

Come and meet colleagues from different European countries, exchange your experience and knowledge during social meetings in lively Łódź, the city with a true soul and  atmosphere.

Visit with us old style fabrics, secret narrow streets with beautifully detailed buildings and palaces. Try different cuisine: from Polish to Jewish, Indian or Georgian food and real craft beer in Piwoteka Narodowa. Famous Piotrowska Street offers you a lot of entertainment, street concerts, places with good coffee, food and wine. Łódź is a great place to meet: the city is rather cheap but offers you a lot.

Łódź,  Piotrkowska Street 
(foto Grzegorz Michałowski)

Interested ? Contact us:

Joanna Welna DVM, Radek Marczak DVM


If you need any help with accomodation or travel details you are welcome to contact the organisers: rehabvet.kursy@gmail.com

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