About RehabVet

About RehabVet

Two veterinarians

Radek Marczak, DVM, Vepra member, CCRP candidate, owner of the specialised canine and feline physiotherapy clinic mVET in Łódź.

Radek is passionate about the rehabilitation, he combines different therapeutic methods to meet the patient’s need in the best possible way. Availability of medical tools like underwater treadmill, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, shock wave therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy on one hand and knowledge of manual therapy methods on the other hand, allows Radek to treat patients using multi-modal approach. At the moment Radek masters his skills from the manual therapy area (trigger point therapy, myofascial release, etc.) and acupuncture.

Joanna Wełna, DVM, Vepra and ESVE member, CCRP candidate, owner of the Veterinary Practice “Zwierzaki” in Warsaw

Joanna’s interest in physiotherapy developed from the need for safe and efficient method of treating patients with neurological and orthopedic problems.  She started with implementing acupuncture to her practice in 2009, after the course in CHI Institute Europe, and with time other methods, like manual therapy. Those two are the most important methods in her practice. In some cases she also uses laser therapy, laser puncture or magnetic therapy. She is passionate about improving movement in geriatric animals, but also treating specific sporting dog diseases. Her other important area of interest are difficult internal diseases with particular reference to endocrinology, that is why she always look at each patient as a whole.

Two places

Przychodnia Weterynaryjna mVET
lek. wet. Radosław Marczak
specjalista chorób psów i kotów
Łódź, ul. 11 Listopada 38
tel. (42) 659-34-61, 501-078-011
facebook: Przychodnia.Weterynaryjna.mVET
Umawianie wizyt:
tel. (42) 659-34-61, 501-078-011, email: mVET.pl@gmail.com

Przychodnia Weterynaryjna Zwierzaki
lek. wet. Joanna Wełna
Warszawa, ul. Topiel 15B
tel. (22) 826-94-54
facebook: PrzychodniaWeterynaryjnaZwierzaki
Umawianie wizyt:
preferowane zapisy przez mail: laser4vet@gmail.com i stronę FB, ew. tel. 22 826 94 54

Three goals


To enhance your pets’ health improvement using tailor-made methods of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
We learn and implement different physiotherapeutic methods from the best veterinary and human specialists (CCRP, Vepra, WSEIT).
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To help sharing the latest knowledge among canine and feline rehabilitation specialists
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To support the owners with the information on pets musculoskeletal diseases and treatment methods.
We value and improve your pet’s quality of life!

Take the next step in your canine rehabilitation specialist career!