The venue

Łódź, ul. Narutowicza 86

The course will be held in the room “AHOJ”

The building is localized in the center of Łódź, near the national route No 14.

The main railway station Łódź Fabryczna is 20 minutes by foot (1.7 km) from the venue.

Urban transport stops are close to the building area: Kopcińskiego-Narutowicza


No 2,3,5,6,9,11,12,13,43


No 60, 70, 82, 96



Free parking lot is opposite the building, near the supermarket

How to reach Łódź


You can reach Łódź directly

or from Warsaw, which is 150 km from Łódź. Buy a ticket to Warsaw Chopin Airport

there you can rent a car or go by train from Warsaw Central Railway Station.

Timetable in English:

The Station can be directly reached by special train from the Chopin Airport


Buy a ticket to Łódź Fabryczna Station which is only 1,7km from the venue

Timetable in English:

If you need any help with organizing your trip do not hesitate to contact us: